Austin Akre, a gentleman, in the truest meaning of the word. His life experiences as a division one athlete, a son, and brother, have collaborated upon each other to rectify an artistic exhibit for others to experience. From a young age, Austin was encouraged to explore his surroundings, to gather ample date in order to arrive at his own conclusions. Thus was birthed an open minded, hard working individual determined to help others become leaders, and share his progressive passion with them. He was born in California, and has traveled parts of the world. As a model, athlete, and student, Austin has dedicated his time to researching various forms of artistic expression, maintaining a healthy and well balanced physique, as well as studying the human mind and its functionality in everyday life. He is inspired by the complex underpinnings that hold nature in balance, and the retention of its oneness despite the varying degrees of variability. Austin received a Bachelor of arts in psychology with a focus in child development, cognition, and sports from the University of Hawai’i.