Your Entropy is my Solidarity

Blessed are those who come knocking at my door. Seeking relief from their weary travels, I welcome them with open arms and mind. Their mind tired, bodies fatigued, I shall reprieve them of their hardships and bear a smile upon their brow before they depart. No honest man is unwelcome. To all I open my doors, except to those whom wills are to harm. I politely bow and wish them revealing travels, for the lord has not finished teaching me the intricacies of life. Those whom wander to my humble abode, because humble it will always be, shall expect to be fed the finest that I have to offer, or any assortment that will appease them. Wise are those whom walk through the arc, they have stories from near and far. Stories I wish to hear and learn from. I will give willingly of my knowledge and honesty. The stories in my experience are long and full of interesting circumstances which may be of use to others whom seek advice. My mind will be open as an empty journal whose pages have yet to meet quill and ink. Leave your impression upon me so that I can share with you your experiences of strife and happiness. I am but a helpful hand to help lighten the load, to wipe the tears, wash away the grey skies, and reveal a warm and bright sky to travel under. If there are no clear skies, those who wish may seek refuge until better weather is upon them. For those whom wish to continue their path in the dark, I will do my best to equip them with the necessities to overcome that darkness so that they may at the very least continue another few steps in their travels.


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