The Enlightened Shroud

Two boys growing up. Parents separated. Living lives that would make a grown man cry
One boy dreaming of his future. The other living in the past. Both have such heavy sighs.

People reaching out to him, all he does is hold up a sign. He says he fine, but he is hurt and his brother is the one that lifts him up and wipes the pain from his troublesome mind. The brother is a warrior in the young mans eyes. He came to realize that he can’t live to die, but rather its his future he must find.

This world is heavy, everywhere you look you can find crime. Life on the streets is everything but fine. The world ignores that people go through rough times. How can leave those whom have been hurt behind. Its seems to me that this is a true crime. And when I finally get a moment to see, I look in the mirror and ask myself why. If there’s a God, why would he let evil lay a hand on such a beautiful mind. She was 19 years old, just a part of the youth in one of many nations. All she tried to do was was look up to the world. But it’s hard for her to even see out of her precious tear filled eyes. Her fathers gone, mother’s mind is filled with a fuzzy haze from all the drugs. And when she finally gets the chance to escape, to find a better place to hide, reality comes crashing down as she realizes she unable to run from her life.

We all have a tale. Sad stories that come and go. Our hardships bare a heavy crown; pushing our minds lower and lower until we find ourself being drug on the ground. Backs bare, clothes tattered, stared at by the crowd, made to feel different, a downed face, lost the chance to be proud. I was lost, but the darkness at the bottom is something that i found. I chose to embrace that moment, to wear a lighter crown. I finally found what it meant to savor the feelings of wanting to get back at the world for giving me this shroud.


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