Faith is the key to success and the instrument to ones demise. If this is true then I must summarize. All my life I have work my hardest, knowing that someday there would be a prize.

Then one day while having a revelation, I came to know, I finally realized. It was a gift, one I would never let hide, from the lord above, and as precious as the tears from his eyes. It was not material, nor was it fake, what I got, what I held in my heart was a little something called FAITH.

But thats not all, I received more too. It goes deeper than a sole-less shoe. That might not make sense so i’ll leave a few clues. What came next was something else, He gave me a chance an ability to choose.

There is an answer between A and B, there is a choice between you and me. The middle is us, the answer is we. And as we know not everyone is free. How can we ignore the people who pray on their knees. They believe in us, so should we. So lets step back, take a brief look to see, there is so much more than the secret life of us bees.

Back to the clues, I will continue that now. I worked hard for this gift, as proof by the sweat on my brow.

We are people, each our own unique cloud. Our spirits speak to the lord, and mine is the size of this crowd. It yells for help, it wants to be free of this town, searching for something greater, something to make my father proud. This I know, and in search of it I can, but to find it I first have to know who I am.

This goes for you too, find yourself, but first lets start with the brightest color in the land. White is forever, and far it expands. While it may seem empty, it is as crowded as sand. White is pure, flawless like his hands, and with those hands, he has made, forever will it hold the sacred band that floats above my face.

We are all angels, be it of death or of life. The sides are sharp like the edge of lucifers’s scythe. The lives we lead will forever decide where we go and if we get another chance after we die. In the land of gold, the land of light, Never will I go down, not without a fight.

I am an angel. never have I died. I live to love, to laugh, and cry. With every life, will I stride, my goal is to reach heaven, it is an ultimate prize, but never will i reach it, never will I be worthy of the one who ultimately decides.


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